Friday, 1 June 2012

Bosnia 2009

This time I was sure I was going to land a fish in Bosnia, the weather was perfect! Rain and about 20 oC. I was in Sarajevo with my brother and some friends, mostly partying and counting down to the day I was going to Neretva.
The day soon came, but with it the sun and scorching heat. How it's possible that the temperature can rise form 20 to about 40 oC during the night, I don't know, but it did. Still, Neretva is cold all year long.
We came to Grenko's place about 11.00 and used some time to rest a bit and check the place out. Well, my brother rested

while I checked out the river. This is just down the road from Grenko's place....

So after catching my breath it was of to the flyfishing-only beat to test out the fishing. And Neretva is so beautful whith that clear water... Since it was insanely hot, nothing was hatching, so I put on a nymph and started to work the water. Nothing.... Try and work over all the spots that could hold the fish, nothing..... Then suddenly I feel something, was that a fish? Could be. Few more casts over the same spot, but nothing happens.... Then at the end of the beat I spot three rainbows in a deep hole, just chilling in the cool water. Not big, but OK-sized. I'm not sure how many of my flies pased those fish, but they could't care less. So no fish this time either.

Two photos of the flyfishing-only beat.

Nice, right? It is, Bosnia really has some beautiful rivers.
After spending to much time in the scorching sun, I desided it was for the best to give up and join the non-fishing part of the group for some food and dring.

Grenko has a really great place where we could rent small cabins (if we had time to stay longer) and great food cooked over open fire. We ate pita (special Bosnian dish), grilled calf liver, calf brissel, calf kidneys, calf steaks and some (a lot) moon-shine made of pears and home-made white wine. He also does rafting, so the plan is to visit Grenko again and use those raftes to get to the places which are impossible to reach on foot. And catch some fish! :D

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