Monday, 16 July 2012

Caddis, I hate Thee

Ahhhhhhh, is there anything better than a proper caddis hatch, topped up with the long days here in the North?
Yes there is, at least when the stupid caddis pupae swim far from the reach of a fly cast. Why they do this, who knows, what makes it worse is that the river current should force the pupae towards "our side".... But there is, I guess, nothing else to expect when fishing in Nidelva, which will be known as Crappy River from now on.

There were a few fish rising just close enough, that when I pushed my self to the max, I could get a decent presentation. On the other side of the river the wish were rising like crazy, and the worst thing is, that it is impossible to fish from the other side due to super-dense forest.


Anywho, I did manage to fool a few trout, lose two and snap my leader on one nice one.... Trust me, the words that come from my mouth then, would make the Devil him self blush!

And the one who laughs last, laughs best ;)

Covered in flour, salt & pepper. Crispy when done! YUM!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Trout, The Lady & The Sneak

Long ago, in a land faraway, there was a creek filled with trout. But not all was fun and giggles in this land, there was a mean bearded Sneak, sneaking along the creek, fooling trout on artificial flies.
The Sneak in action
After the Sneak selected a trout to fool, in was just a matter of a good snake-roll to complete tho fooling. Three goes and the trout rises to the fly, the Sneak following it with it's keen eyes, and takes it.
HAHAHAHAHA, silly trout!
After the fight was done, the trout was returned to it's home, to tell the tale of the Sneak.
But the Sneak was not content, It never is, so on went the Sneak in search of a another trout to fool.
And the Sneak was not alone, no. With the Sneak there was a Lady, Lady Vimms. She too, likes to sneak around and fool trout.
Lady Vimms in action
Further down the creek, Lady Vimms spotted a trout and had to fool it straight away! No time to waste!
Fooling the trout, Lady-stye
And fool it she did, what a nice trout it was. Not a huge trout, but very nice for this creek.
For some time The Sneak and Lady Vimms fooled many a trout, while a bright yellow mayfly was hatching and floating down the creek. They were of such nice color, that The Sneak had to stop fooling the trout and magically store the memory of the beautiful insect on a tiny magic card.
Soon, The Sneak had to return to fooling and managed to fool a nice trout. Personal best for this creek.
All the trout look small, compared to the mighty Sneak
But alas, the fun could not last, soon the trout got the point, and there was no more fooling them. The Sneak and Lady Vimms packed up their gear and went home, cursing the trout and vowing to return and fool them again!

More photos here!