Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fiskebackskil, Sweden (2011)

Fiskebackskil, Sweden is a nice place. Well that's what I've heard. So when Lise said come over and we'll do some fishing, I packed my stuff and drove down south. After a few (more like 9) hours driving I was finally there.

After a good stretch me and Lise grabbed a bite. Driving makes me hungry! With a full stomach, fly fishing seemed like a good idea. It was a bit late and windy, but what the hell.

Mackerel! Man can they fight! With them came garfish, but they where impossible to hook. Pretty bad, since they where really big! And yes, the hooks where sharp as hell....

I managed to hook a nice sea trout, but that one screwed me over and lost the fly in a nice jump...

Feeling the long drive in my body, it was time for bed. And I slept like a baby.

The next day brought the sun, but also the wind, so I spent the early hours helping Lise with her research. After dinner we took a quick trip, but nothing much happened. So it was off to watch a movie.

So hot! was the first thing that came to my mind when I woke up. The sun was shining and the wind blowing, but unlike the day before it was really hot. So Lise had to manage her research her self, while I took my fly rod and went fishing. One small sea trout, one mackerel, plenty of takes and a sunburn before lunch. Not bad.

After lunch I went fishing again and Lise went to the lab. Not much action, but a few really big fish followed the fly. Looked like they competed over it, but none of them took the damn fly.... And of course, the gar was there, but no hookups. This is odd, because TMC 777sp hooks are horribly sharp...

Dinner time! Well, more of a second lunch. So we planned to barbeque the mackerel before the evening session of fly fishing. And it was a great barbeque, pesto marinated mackerel, potatoes, veggie packs and local beer. Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm!

After that awesome meal, we took the boat out. Mackerel was hunting all over the place, but Lise wanted to focus on the sea trout. So we did. I got one tiny sea trout an mackerel. That was it...

Of to bed.

Saturday was just as hot, but not as windy. So we spent the day inside, until it got a bit cooler. After that we went fishing, just to catch a few fish for the barbeque. And so we did, but that stupid gar was there again! And still no hookups.... Lise taught I was stupid, because I'm the only guy who wants to catch gar... Well I do! And I caught a new species on the fly to :)

A greater weever.

The barbeque was great with homemade burgers, chili and garlic marinated chicken and of course mackerel. Full to the brim we decided to fish from the docks. Unlike the day before, there was no mackerel hunting on the surface, but Lise managed to catch a nice mackerel. And since there was a nice breeze, we decided that a movie sounded really good. It was.

Driving back to Norway. After a good breakfast it was time to head back to Trondheim. Can't say that it was  an appealing thought, but duties call.

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