Friday, 1 June 2012

Igor & Lise's super-fantastic camping trip (2010)

Me and Lise took a weekend trip to Selbu-area to do some fly fishing and test out some new waters.

Day 1: Friday
Since I had to work till 17.30, we headed out at 19.00, after a delicious pasta dish with mushroom sauce that Lise made. After a 1,5 hour drive, we were at the "parking lot" ready for the ca. 10 km hike to the place we chose to camp at. We reached the place at 22.30, just before dark, and the tent was set up super-fast by Lise herself.

Home sweet home.
Since we were a bit tired, we desided to go straight to bed, so we'll be well rested for the next day.
Day 2: Saturday
Wind, wind and more wind. Woke up because the tent was shaking from the bloody wind.... But the sun was shining....

Gorgeous Gorge :D :D :D

So we decided to explore the whole area and see what kind of lakes we got around our camp. Since the wind was blowing like crazy, we didn't see any rising fish at any of the lakes, but there was a lot of cloud-berries, and they tasted soooooooooooooooo good! yum yum! Lise was just a little upset, that we didn't bring that pancake batter powder we planned, because pancakes, cloud-berries and some sugar.... Delicious!!

Around 19.00 the wind started to calm down so we managed to catch a few trout for dinner. And after all that walking around the wild, it tasted good with some woked vegetables and lemon juice. And what is really interesting, is that this trout had almost white flesh. It can only mean that there are not a lot of crustaceans in the lakes.

After dinner, well it was two dinners actually, we did some more fly fishing in the lake nearest the camp, but no big fish caught. Then it was of to bed with hopes of a windless Sunday, the last day of fly fishing/camping.
Day 3: Sunday
Sunday was a sunny day! Hot and no wind. After a quick breakfast, we decided to try the lake that was just over a small hill, south-west of the camp.

Since it was crazy-hot, Lise had to go back to camp and put on some shorts. Meanwhile, I just looked at the water surface and the caddis swimming across the surface, to see if there is any rising fish. Suddenly I hear this plop sound somewhere to my right, and a second later I see one fish rise 20 m from me, but 2 m from land. At that moment Lise came back and I had to fill her in on the intel, when again a fish rises again. This time about 30 m away, but still close to land. so I run a few meters and put my swimming caddis pupae imitation where I saw the rise. Two seconds later the fish takes the fly, head &tail, and I hook it nice and easy. It felt realy big, but alas the fish wins this one.....

I spot two really nice rises on the other side of the lake and we, well Lise, decide to fish around the lake. Me on one side and Lise on the other side. Nothing happens, although there are plenty of caddis on the surface. Maybe it was the heat. So we go to another lake to check out if there is anything happening there, eating cloud-berries along the way. When we get to the lake, we see absolutely no sign of life. The sun burning hot, we jump in the lake for a quick cool down. After we got dried, which took just a few minutes in the sun, we head back to the lake where I lost the nice fish.
Lise takes the same side as before, and after a short while I see one nice one, rise some 50 m from Lise. She heads down and casts her Animal. After a few minutes I hear her say "Oh no, it took the fly, but didn't get hooked". Well, can't catch them all, I think for my self. She'll get it next time. Meanwhile I manage to break my 5wt, but after a quick mending MacGyver-style I'm back in the game. Not that it matters, because I don't catch anything and Lise manages to miss the hooking again. I head in Lise's direction, and half way there I hear the all familiar sound of a fish getting hooked. Lise's 4wt is in a nice bend, so I ask her if the fish is of a nice size. "It's OK" she says. After I net the fish for her, I see that the fish is anything but OK, it's f*****g awesome! Lise's biggest so far this season. Unfortunately we had to eat so that pretty thing ended up in our bellies.

Well, when the lunch was over, it was time to break camp and head home. The 10 km hike back to the car was awful. We just talked of what good fly fishing we left behind, but work and other duties call..
In the end we had a great weekend, despite the terrible wind on Saturday and I can speak for both of us, when I say, we'll go back!

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