Tuesday, 5 June 2012

O Grayling Where Art Thou (20111)

When the weather forecast says sunny & little wind, it's fly fishing time. So me and Lise decided to try some grayling fishing in River Glomma, the upper parts near the town of Roeros.

We got there on Friday night and started fishing straight away, a few fish were rising, but none really big. Moving downstream and looking for rising grayling, we finally came over one that looked nice and big. After a quick RPS (Rock Paper Scissors), the winner got to try. Yes it was me.

The fish was rising steady, closer to the other bank. I gave it a try, but casting far with a 3wt is pointless. So we were gonna try that one again tomorrow from the other side.

Nothing much happened after that, except Lise hooking a "huge" minnow in the tail. And since it was a bit chilly we lit a fire and got some hot food in our bellies.

Here you can see the huge fish :D

We woke up to some strong wind and after breakfast (and a few futile attempts with the fly rod) we decided to go in to town (Roeros) and check out the sights. Now Roeros is famous for the smelting plant museum and a lot of old houses are just the way they were back in the day, so it's almost like going back in time. A lot of crafts men and women, make everything from pottery to hand carved cups, boxes and so on.

The main street.

After a lot of sightseeing we ended up in a small shop, where the owner was a old fisherman. There we got a few tips about a small river and a lake. Glomma was not that good now, he said, and you always listen to the locals. So after a long talk and good gelato, we arrived to Dals river. Small, fast flowing and full of grayling.

The wind was still pretty strong, but we had to give it a go. There were no bugs on the water, so I went for good ol' wet fly. And just after a few casts I landed my first (ever) grayling.

Lise was fishing on the other bank, and after a while she hooked a nice one.

That one became dinner.

After that good meal and a cup of tea, we went to the lake. Now in this lake, trout of 1 kg + are plenty. Well that was what er were told and meeting two guys telling us the same thing, kind of confirmed that. And yes we saw plenty big fish rising, but (and there is a big but) all of them out of casting range and the lake was not that suitable for fly fishing, with only a few places with enough room for a back cast.... But if use of a bellyboat is allowed, then there is good possibility for great trout fishing.

So we went back to the river and fished our way further down stream. When twilight came we had to put up camp and by the time it was done, it was sleepy time.

Sunday morning was also very windy, so we took our time to eat a breakfast and enjoy the tea in the sun. Since Lise's waders where leaking, she wanted to fish from the bank, so I went to the other side and waded out to the pool. A few casts with the wet fly and a few small grayling caught, but the local guy said that the big ones are deep in the pool. So on with a peeping caddis, up stream cast, mend, let sink and at the end of the pool tighten the line and let the fly rise. BOOM! This one feels big and heavy, but as I glimpse the silver in the sun, the fly comes out.

Lise is catching the trees and the bushes.

Since the pool is really deep I rig up a three fly short line setup. Caddis larvae as the anker, a small dark bead head second and a small buzzer as the top fly. On the third cast a fish takes one of the flies and I set tho hook. A short wile later I land a nice grayling, the camera resting in the tent...

The wind really pick up, so we brake camp and head on home.

All in all a good trip and landing a grayling mission achieved.

More photos here.

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