Friday, 1 June 2012

The Sunday

One great day of fly fishing!

So CC. Lise and I desided to take a short trip and do some fly fishing before we were going to make some pizza and do some flytying. CC said he wanted to try out The Camp, so we went there (by the way, this spot is the only place I ever broke off a fish on 0.45 mm leader....) and arrived to some really nice conditions.
I started with a sink 7 line and shortly after a nice pollack was landed, but CC had to show off and he got a garfish. Now, I'm not shure, but I don't think that this is something common this up here in Troendelag, unlike from where CC comes from (Larvik). So for him it wasn't such a big deal....
After that he got a nice mackrel, while I and Lise only got pollack. BUt hey, pollack is a great fighter and Lise's flyrod can confirm that.
And the pollack kept taking the fly, over and over again. We had several double hookups and a few fish taking the fly at our feet. This is one of my biggest pollack taken that day. Fish this size put a nice bend in the 7 wt ;)
And after we all got a load of fish, Lise hooks a pollack. It looks like a 2 kg fish, but it does something terrible, brakes Lises 7 wt during the fight... We just stand there dumbstruck for a while and look at eachother.
I'm not shure how many fish we got that day, but it's over 20 and that is not a common thing.
If you are wondering what kind of flies worked that day, well for me it was a white Mini-Bnny, for Lise a chartreuse/white and pink/white Clouser and for CC it was a pink/white Clouser that looked like anything but that.
When the hunger was unbearable we had to get going. By the way the pizza tasted great!

More photos here.

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