Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Story of The Greedy Bastard

Two brave travelers started their journey towards Stack Creek, a small creek up North. After traveling for almost two hours, they were at their destination, the rain pouring from the heavens, trying to soak the weary travelers.
But the travelers came prepared and the rain could not soak them through their cloaks. The flies were chosen and the travelers set out down river looking for rising trout.
But not a thing stirred anywhere......
The weary travelers would not be put back by this, and their knowledge of the creek was good, so the trout could not hide, and after some blind dryfly fishing, the travelers could see who got the smallest trout. I can not say that I believe that Lady got the smallest, she claimed that hers was the size of her little finger...
After a while I went to a nice little pool, in hope that there was something bigger than 300 grams swimming there. After four casts a tiny little trout takes the fly. NOT again! So I slacken the tension in hope that the fish will fall of, barbless hook and all. But what is that??!! A big trout darting up and down in front of me, surely it is not the one that took my fly. And it is not. It is a 45 cm trout that wants to eat the tiny trout that has my fly!!
And eat it it does. It grabs the tiny trout in the rear and holds on to it. How long you wonder? So long that the Lady is able to land the fish as if it was hooked...
Many have said that the pike is a greedy fish, but compared to this greedy bastard.... I think not.
Greedy Bastard!
And now it was Lady's turn to get a bigger trout, while I was playing the camera man. And after a few casts a nice trout takes the olive dun and we get a nice fly fishing scene.
The sun was shining, the fish were rising and soon it was time to drive back home.

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