Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Cuddly Creek

The Cuddly Creek is where we go to "cuddle fly fish", meaning light gear and just enjoying nice fly fishing, even if the fish are not huge.

This time it was Thomas and I who went, Lise had to work, and upon arriving and seeing the amount of rising fish, the hopes soared sky-high. But as usual, the fish were not so easy to fool...

They left all the duns floating for ages and did not give the a look, so after some trial and error, I found that what they really liked was a nymph, floating in the surface film. Still very visible fly fishing.

After a few fish, there is one that rises a few feet in front of me (I was hidden in some reeds) and a well aimed cast results in an instant take. At once I feel that this fish is bigger, an after a nice fight I land my new personal best for the Cuddly Creek :) Whole 850 grams.

As you can see on the photo, the fish is a bit skinny, so it will probably get to be over 1 kg when I meet it later this year.
Bending that 3wt :)

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