Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Pike Suprise

I love surprises!

Thomas and I went fly fishing for pike, and man was it fun. It started a bit slow, but soon Thomas landed a fish, and it was a trout. On a 8 wt with a pike fly... That trout must have been hungry.

After a lovely downpour, Thomas spotted a nice pike resting in some weeds, after a few goes the pike ate the fly and Thomas got a new personal best :)

We changed the spot and I went for a nice fat popper. After a few casts something large jumps out of the water and tries to take the popper, it's a big trout! Surprise! Man was I shocked. The popper is enormous! After that I changed down to the smallest pike fly I got, but the tail was so log, that it was impossible to hook anything.....

So again we changed spots, visiting two different lakes, with no pike on land, well no pike at all.It was getting a bit late, and Thomas had a date with Captain Morgan so we packed up and went home.

But after I dropped Thomas off, I started thinking of that trout. I had all my trout flies and a 3 wt in tha car, so why not give it a go? But after I arrived, i went for the 7 wt, no need in playing with the fish to much and there are some trees in the water, so the extra control the 7 wt gives is welcome. Luckily I had some tippet that I use for sea trout in the backpack, so I didn't need to use 0,45 mm mono :D

I went for a small streamer, since that trout went for a huge popper and after landing a few small but FAT trout, I tied on a small streamer/dragonfly nymph on. After a few castes something takes the fly, something strong. And after a good fight on the 7 wt (smart choice, because the 3 wt would have been to weak) I land a perfect example of the Salmo trutta, fat as a pig and 1,05 kg.

It was raining so much by now, that I was soaking wet. So I decided that after a extremely nice fish like the fat trout, there is no need for more fishing (for that day only, of course)

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