Friday, 1 June 2012

The Trip to the North

Me and CC ditched school and went flyfishing for seatrout.On our way north we picked Raymond, since he was interested in coming with us. When I say north, I mean few hours away from Trondheim. Was it south of Levanger or north of Steinkjer? Not sure....

Well we reached the place late in the morning, and that good feeling that something is about to happen was there. It didn't take long time to catch the first fish, CC did it, not big but it was seatrout.

I was just able to either loose fish or not hook them... My calm was disappearing fast....
CC lands another trout....

I finally land a fish, but it's a cod... Raymond is freezing :D
Then CC desides to go pee, which means going out of the water and finding a place to do it. While he's away something great happens, I hook a BIG seatrout and after a good fight the scale stops at 3.2 kg. New personal best for me.

Man was I happy, and the look on CC's face after I showed him the picture, unforgettable!
Raymond was still freezing :D

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