Friday, 1 June 2012

The Trip to the North, Part Deux

Well, me and CC ditched school again to go fly fishing.

Since we took the whole day "off", we desided to go to the same spot up north where I caught that 3.2 kg seatrout. så we got in the car an sped to the magic-spot ;)
When we got there it was perfect! Just the right water-color and slight wind. So we rigged our gear fast and got to it! It didn't take long till we started catching fish, but none of the size we wanted...

Long and thin.....
Then CC got some nice fish, around 1 kg. Me? Nothing much.... Suddenly CC hooks something nice. "I think it's a cod" he says.....
Right, a cod!?

!.9 kg of pure silver. CC's new personal best.
Not long after I hook a nice one to. 1 kg on the spot. Then we started making fun of Raymond, since he does't like cold :D (All good fun, we say the same things to his face, just as he tells us we fish with lures & spinning gear (streamer flyfishing) hahahaha). Anywho, right in he middle of the "trash talk", with only my leader out, something bites.
"It feels nice" I say, before the fish takes the line and 30 meters of backing in few seconds.... While I play the fish, CC is saying "don't lose this one, don't lose this one...." Like that is helping :D
Well, I don't lose the fish, and after a superfast photoshoot and weighing, I let it swim away.
What is it about seeing them swim away? It just feels nice, knowing it will live to fight (and spawn) another day.
The run

The fish & one happy guy

Oh yeah, almost forgot. It was 3.2 kg

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