Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The Newbie

A friend of mine, Vedran, has been nagging me for quite some time to take him fishing with me. So after he had a quick introduction to fly casting (about a month ago) I took him for at trip to Cuddly Creek. Lise came to, and since Vedran held a fly rod only once before, I was going to be his "guide" for the day.
The Noob and The Guide
 As is, nobody is born with a fly rod in their hands, but Vedran did the best he could. But when the wind came, it was safer for me to do the casting and he the fishing part. E. danica was hatching and the fish were rising. One really nice one to, well nice for the Cuddly Creek. So I took the cast, and gave the rod to the newbie, and bang! But nooooooo, it didn't sit....

Taking a closer look made me realize that the leader snapped in a wind-knot.... Should have checked the leader..... Bad Guide, Bad!!

Alas, what can we do than continue fishing. So a quick tippet change (love those micro rings!) and back to action.

While I'm playing guide, Lise i "killing", landing one after another. And some of the nice fish.
Sooooooooo happy

After a "few" striking problems, the noob finally hooked a fish! He did have some problem holding it for a photo, so I was a good guide and did it for him....
Noob's first fly caught trout!

Now it was my turn to catch a few, and so I did. Soon the hunger kicked in, those noobs... So we gave it a day and went home. Lise was really pleased, and so was the noob. The guide? Pleased!

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