Sunday, 17 June 2012

What a weekend!

How to start?
Let's start with Friday night. At late o'clock I gave Lise a call because we just had to do some fishing! She was tired from work, but it didn't take much to convince her that fishing is the right thing to do.
In no time we were on our way.
Arriving at the river we saw two guys on the other bank, looked like fly fishermen, but they were just sitting....
OK with me. On the way down we saw a few fish rising in a sweet spot, but on the way there Lise got distracted by another fish. So I went to the sweet spot and waited with my #13 olive mayfly. The fish rose again and I cast my fly just to the left of the rise. Wait, take, wait two seconds, lift rod, It's on!
OOOOOOH, feels like a nice fish. So I call out to Lise and she comes running. Got to have photos.
After a nice fight I land a long, but a bit skinny (yet very beautiful) trout. 51,2 cm.
Lise was a bit rusty on the hooking part, probably due to the tiredness, and after a few hours it got a bit cold so we went home. Man did I sleep like a bear hibernating!

Saturday and the wind is blowing.... Crap! What to do..... Pack up a lot of gear in the car and head out to Stjoerdal, visit a fly fishing store that has a sale on a bunch of stuff, then decide where to go. We ended up spending plenty of time at the store, but the wind was still blowing, so it was OK. When Lise got bored, we drove back to Trondheim and the same river we visited on Friday.
Today I was playing guide, so Lise could land a few nice fish.

It started a bit bad with a slight timing problem, but Lise soon calmed down and did it proper.
And after a few more fish it was the guides turn.
Time flies when having fun and it was time to get home, early start tomorrow.

For some reason or other it's much easier to wake up early (for some) to go fishing then when you got to go to school... I was up at the crack of dawn. No wait, sun went up 03.03, ah the north... Everlasting day during the summer...
Well I was up pretty early, and after agreeing with Lise to pick her up in an hour, I got ready to do some more fishing. BUT Lise was still sleeping when I came to pick her up??!! WTF woman??!! So she had to get ready in a jiffy, can't waist precious fishing time, and we were on our way.

A bit of action was on when we arrived, and it took Lise no time to land a trout (after burning one due to slight loss of concentration..) and It took me no time at all to land my first trout too.

It was a bit colder today, so the fishing was a bit slow, but we managed to catch a few fish each.

All in all it was a nice weekend, now I got to get some new lines on the reels for the next trips :)

Tight lines all!

More photos here.

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