Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Sun, Wind & Trout

Yet again it was time to visit the island of Smoela (map here)

If you clicked on the map link, which you should do, you saw that there is no shortage in places to fly fish (fresh water or salt).If I can "complain" about anything, it would be that there are to many places to fish :D

Anywho, Lise an I arrived pretty late at night, but we had to do some fishing before we set up camp. So we decided to try the place where I caught the rainbow trout last year. The tide was a bit to low, but we gave it a go. A few rising fish, non big, but Lise managed to catch a pollack, that must have been the limpest fish in the sea.

As the night got colder, it was time to put up the tent and get the ready for a slightly cold night. And as we got those things sorted, a few fish wre rising in the lake near the camp site, so we had to try and catch a few before bed.

A slight digression, sleeping in a tent must be one of the best things in the world. I don't know why, but there is something about sleeping on the ground and listening to the sounds of nature while falling asleep.

Any way, we woke up to blazing sun (which reminds me to by a polar filter for my dslr camera) and after a nice breakfast we packed up the tent and went to the same little creek we visited the last time we were here.

The wind was blowing pretty bad, and was cold to, so there were not many rising trout, but a few risers showed that there was some life in the creek. Lise got the first go, but had some trouble with hooking. This was very unusual for her. I, on the other hand did not have such problems, and after a while I got my first trout of the day.

We continued fishing down the creek and taking photos, many of them over exposed due to the strong sunlight, with a nice lunch-break consisting of home-made pasta salad (made by yours truly). With tummies full, we decided it was time to move.

On the way to another creek, we had to stop for some ice cream. Yum yum yum! After that nice cool-down, it was back in the car and tosome more fly fishing!

This creek also gave us some nice surprises last year, and we took turns in fishing/taking photos. Both of us landed a few trout each, and the day was coming to an end. But before supper, we had to try Straumen. But nothing more than a few nibbles at the fly happened there.

By now it was getting late and supper sounded really good, so it was in the car and to the new camping site. The tent went up in no time and dinner never tastes as good as under an open sky after a long day of fly fishing.

On Sunday the wind was really blowing, and getting stronger. We ate breakfast and packed up the camp, before we headed to little creek near the camp. But the wind was blowing so hard, that we decided that sightseeing sounded much better than using ultra-light gear in strong wind.

So after a nice drive around the island, we got some coffee and crisps, before we drove to the ferry. And the wind sure did make the ferry ride fun, with plenty of waves and a fair amount spray.

The weather was so nice, even if it was windy, that we stopped half-way to take a lunch beside one of the clearest rivers I've seen.

All in all it was a very nice trio, even if the wind ruined the chances of getting any of the bigger fish, but using ultra-light gear and hunting trout in small creeks is a lot of fun too!!!

You can see all the photos from the trip here.

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