Monday, 11 June 2012

The Water Wolf

Lise was ready to pop her pike-on-the-fly-cherry, so we packed up our float tubes and went fly fishing for pike.
The sun was warming and nice, and there was almost no wind. The tubes and the gear got ready, but to my surprise, I managed to forget the box with the pike-flies at home! Luckily there was one fly that I forgot in the trunk. Lucky me! Fly meet leader and let's go fly fishing!
It did not take long before Lise got her first pike, and it was a nice size.
Lie with her first fly-caught pike
I on the other hand only got reeds for a time. But luck soon came my way and I hooked something pretty big. After 4 big runs, the hook came out, followed by some nice words...
But shit happens, so the fly went out again and it took about 2 sec before another pike took the fly.
My new personal best.
After that the fishing got pretty slow, so we went home. Hope that the bigger ones are there the next time.

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