Friday, 1 June 2012

Three Days of Pollack

What can I say about these 3 days???

Day 1:
I'm at a party, fun time sure, but the sun is up and the wind is gone..... OK, I'll give it a few hours before I split.
Around 23.00 I make my farewells, jump in my car, drive home, gat my gear and head out for The Good Spot. I arrive at 23.50, the water is clear an calm. Yes!
Get the gear set up, put on my Mini-Bunny and star the fishing. 15 minutes, nothing..... 20 minutes, fish on! Oh, you can feel when it's a pollock, the hard jerks, the power..... Well I was a bit rusty, so this one I lost in the weeds.... Well well, the fish is there and biting, so nothing is over yet.
The water is on the way down and I know that soon the current wil increase, and with that the bite-ratio. Just as the first sign of the current was showing, the first pollock was landed. Not big, maybe 4 kilo.

As the current speed increased so did the size of the fish. The current was so strong at one point, that sink 7 was fishing 50 centimetres under the curface....
And for the first time ever I saw rising pollock hunting herring 1 -2 meters from the rocks..... Hearing that BLOP when they took those herrings.... But there was nor time to waste, so cast after cast was taken and with that fish after fish. Not sure how many I took that night, but around 10. Average weight: 3 -4 kilo. It was so much fun that before I knew it, it was 05.00.
Day 2:
No party this time, just got ready and was at The Good Spot at 23.55. Same conditions as last night. Yeah!
Out with the fly, you will never catch fish sitting and looking at the water!
To make this story short, it was just like the day before. Only this time I caught bigger fish. The green mark on the rod is 45 centimeters, so I reckon it's about 7 kilo.

Day 3:
This time I was bringing Lasse with me. Met the guy over the, which is a great site/forum for flyfishermen. Anyway, Lasse has never before experienced big pollock on the fly, neither did he have a sinking line. No prob there, I had a Teeny T-200 that was not on any reel.
When we came to The Good Spot, the water was high, but clear. We rigged our gear, and it took one cast to catch the first fish. Then it was Lasse's turn, and did he like it! Grinnig from ear to ear and making sounds like a little gril. I couldn't help my self but laugh. And this cept on thru the whole day. Lasse catches a fish, laughing and grinning. It's so nice to see real joy and that a simple fish like pollock can produce it!

After a while I start to wonder where the big ones are, and they are so kind that one of them answers me by taking my fly :)

Lasse catches more fish, but none over 5 kilo mark, sadly. Me? Again Mother Nature is kind to me.

It was a great day, and the fish was biting like crazy. Total count about 20 fish, with average weight of 4 kilo.
Sadly Lasse has moved away from Trondheim, as I'm writing this a message ticks in from him. He's flyfishing for brownes in River Tisleia.

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